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Schnucks Markets Inc. Case StudySchnucks Markets Inc.
The deli department in the Schnucks store was using a steamer to prepare soups, casseroles, fruit cobblers, and more. The food product yielded inconsistent results, timing was difficult and pans needed to be rotated and transferred frequently.
Two stacked Baxter Hybrid Convection Ovens were installed to replace an old steamer yielding higher quality foods with better appearance, more consistent cooking results, versatility and additional capacity, increased efficiency and more.
Testimonial Baxter Proofer Baxter Rotating Rack OvenPuyallup School District
With 34 sites depending on the center for their food, the facility needed proofers and rotating rack ovens that were reliable, versatile and efficient enough to handle the high volume of food that must be produced in a four- to five-hour time frame.
Two Baxter Proofers feature a patented, precision airflow system for fast and even proofing. Four Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens use a unique airflow system.
Testimonial:  OV300J. W. Desserts
To ensure all types of food can be made in this kitchen, it’s important that Auburn’s kitchen equipment caters to a wide variety of cooking and baking needs.
- Efficiently bake tortes, cheesecakes, flourless cakes as well as various types of special-order flavored cakes and desserts.
- Ensure equipment is versatile enough to cater to the many types of people utilizing the kitchen.
Testimonial: Baxter Hybrid Convection OvenEmmanuel-St. Michael
The kitchen supervisor at Emmanuel-St. Michael was unhappy with food quality. Kitchen staff had to continually rotate food—
often from the top rack to bottom rack—to get an even bake. Items were often overcooked or burnt and results were inconsistent.
Baxter’s Hybrid Convection Oven enabled Emmanuel-St. Michael to gain more consistent cooking results and eliminate the need to rotate food items while cooking.
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Testimonial:  KA7EDorothy Lane Market
Dorothy Lane Market was looking to improve productivity by reducing the time it takes employees to clean equipment.
Incorporate a self-cleaning rotisserie to improve productivity by reducing the amount of time needed for cleaning.
Testimonial: Elkhart Community Schools Elkhart Community Schools
Elkhart’s foodservice equipment was nearly 25 years old and meal participation rates were rising. To accommodate increased demand and offer healthier menu items, it replaced fryers (and fried foods) and upgraded to more energy-efficient equipment.
Combi Ovens use convection, steam and combination modes to maximize efficiency with endless cooking possibilities. The WS-C208 Water Softener uses proprietary techniques to protect hot-food commercial kitchen appliances from damage caused by hard water.
Testimonial: Hobart Combi OvenTuscaloosa City Schools
Tuscaloosa City Schools wanted to incorporate equipment that allowed staff to bake typically fried foods so students could eat healthier versions of the fried foods they love.
Tuscaloosa City Schools installed 10 Hobart Combi Ovens across the district, resulting in the ability to prepare healthier food and enhance food quality and presentation.
Testimonial: Hobart Combi OvenDecatur Township School District
In order to provide multiple meals a day, year round, Lynwood Elementary’s kitchen needed an oven that was versatile and could produce high-quality, nutritious food for a large number of students in a timely fashion.
The Hobart Combi Oven enables Lynwood Elementary to make a variety of high-quality, nutritious foods, reduce the amount of time needed to cook items while achieving consistent results and produce a large amount of food on a daily basis.
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Testimonial:  Legacy® MixerDavid Chang, Chef and Restaurateur
Chang had used several small mixers in the past, but he wanted to upgrade to a larger model that could produce desserts and doughs for baked goods in all three of his restaurants.
- Produce uniform bread and pasta dough, fillings, ground meat, meringues, creams and whipped products.
- Automate food production tasks in order to save time on tasks currently performed manually.
Testimonial:  Legacy® MixerThe Unquowa School
The school could no longer purchase local bread due to an increase in food allergies and had to instead purchase its bread from large purveyors.
Identify equipment that enables the school to make its own bread and produce a menu that achieves its food quality and local sustainability goals.
Testimonial:  Legacy® MixerPapa Murphy's
The company had experienced occasional mechanical failures with its existing mixers and as a result wanted to upgrade its existing mixers for all new stores and replace the old mixers with more durable and reliable models as needed.
- Increase pizza dough yield, decrease waste and have a more consistent product.
- Eliminate downtime and repair costs as a result of mixer breakdown.
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Hobart Customer Testimonials Multiple
Collection of customer testimonials as of February 2010.
PDF of PowerPoint slides for ease of review by product, segment and solution.
Kansas State case studyKansas State University
The redeveloped Jardine complex at Kansas State University includes several foodservice operations. As part of the project, the K-State wanted to use sustainable building practices and equipment and to learn more about the LEED certification process.
Maximize foodservice-related sustainability measures—including water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality—and innovation in design credits to achieve LEED certification.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Customer examples related to sustainability.
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Customer examples related to waste management and water consumption
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Slides of customer examples related to labor efficiency
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Slides of customer examples related to food quality.
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Slides of customer testimonials related to energy efficiency.
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Table of contents of all available PPT slides of customer testimonials.
Locate PPT document that includes slides of customer testimonials by product line, segment and topic for use in presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Customer examples related to water quality and cost reduction.
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
PowerPoint PresentationMultiple
Customer examples related to increasing sales, food safety and improved productivity.
Slides showcase customer examples for relevant presentations.
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Testimonial:  G-SeriesStone's Throw, Marriott Wardman Park
The restaurant wanted to incorporate a pastry finishing station into the exhibition kitchen to allow patrons to see the various dessert options available as well as observe leading pastry chefs finish and plate their delectable desserts.
Incorporate a glass-front refrigerator that was durable and reliable enough to meet the demands of the pastry station, yet stylish enough to be kept in the front of the house.
Testimonial:  R&A Series Refrigeration & FreezersMarriott Hotel Crystal Gateway
The hotel’s foodservice kitchens housed a hodgepodge of refrigeration equipment, some of which were unreliable and often out of service.
Replace existing refrigerators with Traulsen reach-in refrigerators that offer durability, reliability and food safety.
Testimonial: Traulsen RCB200 Roll-in Blast ChillerTarrant Area Food Bank
Administrators at the Tarrant Area Food Bank wanted to improve the storage process to ensure food safety standards and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance. The Food Bank also wanted to improve the quality of the food it provides.
Tarrant Area Food Bank incorporated a 200-lb. capacity Traulsen roll-in blast chiller (RBC200) in its community kitchen.
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Cactus Jack's case studyCactus Jack's
Cactus Jack’s commitment to scratch cooking requires additional prep work that uses more dishes, pots, pans and utensils than normal. The previous undercounter warewasher was more than 20 years old and could not keep up with demand in the busy eatery.
Replace undercounter with highly efficient Advansys Ventless Door Type warewasher to provide additional capacity to support increased volume while complying with New Hampshire dishwasher ventilation regulations.
Case Study: FT1000i (Manual Process Reduction)Industrial and Commercial
Case Study: PulperThe Ohio State University
The state of Ohio requires that new or renovated buildings must meet LEE D Silver standards. To achieve compliance for the Ohio Union, the university needed to incorporate a number of sustainability measures to fulfill LEED credit requirements.
Maximize foodservice-related sustainability measures to achieve LEE D credits, including water-use reduction, innovative design, energy performance and the use of sustainable culinary products.
Clean and Clear - The Whiskey HouseThe Whiskey House
Clean and Efficient - The CarolineThe Caroline
Down With Double Washing - Wheat PennyWheat Penny
Ready For Some Football - BunkersBunkers Bar and Grill
Testimonial:  FT900 and Traulsen Refrigerator/FreezerUniversity of Cincinnati
In order to achieve the most certification credits, the university had to maximize water efficiency within the recreation center by using equipment that is more energy and water efficient than typically chosen equipment.
Objective: Reduce water usage by at least 20 percent in order
to qualify for the innovation and design credit.
Testimonial:  FT900 Flight-Type WarewasherBryanLGH Medical Center
The medical center decided to renovate its 47-year-old dishroom to create a more efficient cleaning operation. At the heart of the dishroom was a flight-type warewasher purchased in 1991.
• Hobart’s FT900 Flight-Type Warewasher is one of the most energy- and water-efficient flight-type warewashers in the industry.
• Continue use of existing Hobart WastePro™ Pulper.
Testimonial: AM SelectPei Wei Asian Diner
Pei Wei estimates each year it was spending approximately $60,000 per year in repair costs, not to mention the bottlenecks and reduced productivity caused by machine downtime.

Hobart’s AM Select low-temp warewasher.
Testimonial: FT900, CLe, AM Select and WastePro™Brigham Young University
In order to satisfy sustainability demands, prevent water shortages, and increase productivity the university had to invest in energy-efficient and water-efficient food equipment.
Reduce water and energy usage as well as waste throughout campus foodservice units.
Warewash vs Three-comp sinkGigi's Cupcakes
Employees spent up to six hours a day washing mixing bowls, bowl scrapers, beaters, piping bags and other ware in the 3-compartment sink.
Installed the LXi undercounter warewasher, which fit in the space available without needing to relocate other equipment. Modified the cupcake display trays so that they now fit in the undercounter warewasher and no longer need to be cleaned by hand.
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PDF (03-10) - Jungle JimsJungle Jim's International Market
Jungle Jim’s previous weigh wrap machine had maintenance issues. The retailer also was not happy with the quality of wrap from the former machine or the fact that the film wrap was only available from one specific supplier, which was costly.
Hobart’s Access Wrapping System (AWS) is a more reliable unit that could handle the large volume of Jungle Jim’s Meat Shoppe, improve meat-wrap quality and lower wrap purchasing costs.
Testimonial:  HLXNon customer specific
Develop an operating system capable of supporting future platform expansion such as attaching external devices or adding new applications
Select an operating system that accelerated time to market for Hobart and ensured Hobart HLX service scales could accommodate future customer hardware and software requirements.